All in One Pot Rice / Noodles

I don’t have any fixed recipe or a process. Sometimes, I have a clear idea of the end result – the finished dish, but everything really depends upon what I find in the fridge and then, more often than not, it takes a life of its own.

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45 Quotes That Said It All

Quotes can remind us that we aren’t alone in what we feel and think and someone else has also already been there and done that. They’ve seen it, thought it, felt it, and articulated it. So, we’re not alone. We aren’t unique or special. Puts it all into perspective. Perhaps, very little can overwhelm us when we remember that almost all experiences in life (perceived as personal) – are quite universal.

45 Most Played Songs

These are 45 Most Played Songs in my past year. Most of these elevated my heart rate and fueled my Workout and Cooking. Some forced me to Write. Others left me no choice but to Paint…

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The Crimson Stroke

The woods are lovely, dark and deep…

“One can only see what one observes, and one observes only things which are already in the mind.” ~ Thomas Harris
It takes exceptional awareness, mindfulness and conscious desire to observe, interpret, absorb, and accept something new and beyond our existing sensibilities.
We all have a “set point”.
To grow, it needs to be recalibrated.

One second…

I Experience. So, I feel… Then Pause. Attempt Sleep. Fail. Mutter Curses. Attempt Painting. Fail. More Curses… Pause. Coffee. Introspect. Write. Analyse. Write. Think. Feel. Mutter more Curses. Read the Draft. Contemplate Deleting… Perhaps, Pause. Say the final “F@#k it” and Publish.
Then Repeat…

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