A case for stronger fortified coffee…

So today’s “Adventure of a Lifetime ~ Coldplay” set a good tone for the day…

I sat down with my coffee and allowed the lyrics to begin painting their picture on the canvas in my mind…

On a different layer (simultaneously), I recalled a conversation with a friend (a writer & an artist) who explained the difference in communication using written word vs a visual.

“Turn your magic on, to me she’d say
Everything you want’s a dream away
and we are legends every day
That’s what she told me

Turn your magic on, to me she’d say
Everything you want’s a dream away
Under this pressure under this weight
We are diamonds

Now I feel my heart beating
I feel my heart underneath my skin
and I feel my heart beating
Oh you make me feel like I’m alive again

Said I can’t go on, not in this way
I’m a dream that died by light of day
Gonna hold up half the sky and say
Only I own me…”

Let’s compare my imagined visuals with the official video by Coldplay on YouTube.

I never visualised this – not in my wildest dreams. Nothing remotely close to this…

And it immediately struck me – this is what I’ve experienced so many times before (in a slightly different context.)

Just like I hear or read lyrics & they paint a picture for me, people see visuals and art & translate that into word or language that they understand & relate to.

And more often than not, they’ve been as far off from translating / connecting my paintings to what transpired in my mind while creating… as I am from the above song & it’s brilliant official video.

That’s the beauty & simplicity of it all.


More often than not, “We see what’s already in our minds.”

It’s incredibly difficult to step out of it all and imagine something radically different.

What would it have taken for me to imagine & match/connect that video with it’s lyrics…?

Perhaps, an (Irish) coffee 20 times stronger to (begin with…)

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