An experiment with contradiction…

Decades ago, while applying for Masters in Fine Arts, I was required to present an Artist’s Statement: A written description of the purpose, intent and the creative process behind my Fine Art / Paintings.

It was interesting and challenging in several ways. Writing forces me to clarify thoughts.

“Writing is nature’s way of letting you know how sloppy your thinking is.”

~ Dick Guindon

So I’m stating a similar summary of purpose and intent for this blog.

To begin with, while exploring certain concepts, my thoughts are not always streamlined and linear. I’m attempting to bring structure to them through the process of writing.

Quite often, I start with a particular subject or topic and end up straying elsewhere – going where the train of thought leads me…

Curiously enough, a lot of my Abstract Paintings evolve that way – in that same unpredictable manner.

It works perfectly fine for the process of Painting in terms of letting it dictate it’s own outcome; but the downside is that it can leave behind issues unresolved and deliberations unconcluded.

A good thinker (and an effective writer) should be able to dissect ideas or concepts, separate layers and present conclusions clearly without confusion.

“An Artist can be abstract with Art. A Designer must be precise with solutions.”

~ My Personal Experience.

In my personal and professional journey, it took me a tremendous conscious effort to separate the “attitude of an Artist” from the “mindset of a Designer”.

Now, using Writing as a tool, I’m trying to use it’s process to aid my Art.

However, on my social media account, I quote:

“If I could put it in words why would I paint?”

~ Edward Hopper

So obviously, Writing seems like a contradiction of sorts…

Since primarily, I am an Artist who paints, then – why am I putting it in words?

Why am I Writing?

Won’t my writing dilute my painting? Or perhaps, is the the act and process of painting simply no longer enough?

To be honest, I haven’t been painting much. Writing seems to be a secondary coping mechanism to mitigate the problems of not painting… and hopefully, this writing will steer me back to the Canvas. (It’s inevitable…)

While there’s a plethora of prerequisites for both, in my opinion – Writing requires structure and discipline; Art – spontaneity. It’s possible to paint without any rules.

Both are equally powerful and effective for expression and I believe that together – they can enhance each other; not dilute any potency away from either craft.

Technically, I know – I’m not a good Writer.

Technically, I assume – I’m a better Painter.

Technically, the Writing may facilitate Painting.

Almost always, I think faster than I write and more often than not – I rarely edit.

My posts are my own temporary reflections / observations (at that point in time) and I’m not surprised if they’re inconsistent or self-contradictory. That’s perfectly normal and change is expected and inevitable as I resolve and figure stuff out…

“The snake which cannot cast its skin has to die. As well the minds which are prevented from changing their opinions; they cease to be mind.”

~ Friedrich Nietzsche

The only constant, is my liberal usage of “Quotes” and the Music I consume through all my waking hours – the soundtrack to my life.

I’ve nothing really profound to say and have no desire to inspire, discourage or offend anyone in any manner. So all such results (if at all), are unintended and criticism is of no consequence to me.

Perhaps, the only outcome of relevance is – over a period of time this blog may help give some context to my Art for those who desire an additional insight.

I asked my friend / mentor (who’s an established Writer and an Artist), “Should I publish this? It’s of no practical use for anyone else and may only serve to expose my mind to people. My Art is encrypted. There are layers (lost in translation and interpretation protecting my thoughts from people. Writing is direct – you read what I write. No filters. What good can possibly come from this?”

“Since when do you care?”, he replied…

Like the Canvases are chapters of my diary, this blog is essentially – a journal to record my current life protocols and processes so I have answers to questions 10 years later when I wonder…

“What the F**# was I doing a decade ago… ?”

Cause I’m wondering that right now…

I was listening to this in 1998…

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